Removal of 3 Conifer Trees and Hedge in West Clandon Guilford

JBF Tree Surgery was contacted by a client residing in Lime Grove, West Clandon, Guilford. The client had a specific requirement to completely remove three conifer trees from their garden, as well as the front garden hedge.

The project also involved the removal of all stumps and the preparation of the area for the installation of a new fence. JBF Tree Surgery took on the task, of understanding the importance of transforming the garden into a clean and functional space for the client.

JBF Tree Surgery deployed a skilled and experienced team of tree surgeons to Lime Grove, ready to tackle the project. The process began with a thorough assessment of the conifer trees and the front garden hedge. The team developed a detailed plan to ensure the safe and efficient removal of the trees and hedge, while also addressing the stump removal.

With all necessary safety precautions in place, JBF Tree Surgery started the removal process. The conifer trees were carefully cut down in sections to prevent any damage to nearby structures or the surrounding area. Once the trees were safely removed, the team proceeded to eliminate the stumps, employing specialised equipment and techniques for complete removal.

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